Dreams Are Delusions You Make Real

Growing up, I was always told that I could’nt reach my dreams because I was black, too young, or lacked the experience. I ignored this advice and took action anyway. Not only did I acheive most of my deams but I was able to find my purpose in life at 21.

Dejon, Founder of Trend Watchers

In the past, i’ve successfully set the goal to

Become a Famous YouTuber

Starting & Scaling a Tech Company At 18

Write a Book (And Publish It Soon!)

While pursuing (and acheiving) these great goals, I learned that happiness doesn't come from reaching your dreams. It comes from the amount of people you've helped along the way. This has brought so much joy & purpose into my life!

Here go some comments I received from my YouTube subscribers on Snapchat. I’ve received over 1,000+ messages like this.

I've also been able to help people quit their jobs and make a living online! One of my clients went from a nobody to being featured in the NY Times! All because I followed my dreams!

These #wins + countless more of helping other people has brought TONS of joy & purpose into my life.

And now i'm ready to help other young adults do the same in their life!


Are You Ready To

Start Living Life With Meaning

Start Waking Up With Purpose

Work Towards Your Dreams

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Dejon Brooks

21 Year Old Founder of Trend Watchers & Dejonbrooks.com